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BDSM, Love and Other STDs – Family Guy Season 12 Episode 16 – Herpe The Love Sore


Now isn’t that a touching, Family Guy, Brian and Stewie bromance moment. But dont be fooled, this is no J.D and Turk redux.

Episode opens with Peter opening Quagmire’s mail to find a package. Throwback to one of the awesome HWIP jokes of olde, and montage of Peter doing what he does best, killing off Meg and making his presence felt amongst the residents of Quahog. Nothing that compares to the Epic Chicken battle, but the below moment, was good for a chuckle.



Anyway, Peter’s new found masculinity was snatched away just as soon as it was given. As the three friends Peter, Joe and Quagmire headed to the Clam to get a beer, they found their booth occupied by three guys who were not willing to budge. The town comes to know. Meg gets her chance to get back at Peter, Joe gets his from Bonnie, and Quagmire get’s mocked at work. The boys decide to fight back, and get beaten silly. Turns out the guys were in the army and just about to head to Afghanistan.

On the other side Stewie decides to become blood brothers with Brian after watching a Clint Eastwood western.Little does he know, that Brian is a herpes sore, mucous laden dirtbag. Turns our Brian is a repeat offender and Chris is a victim too. Had you ever thought what it would be like to see a baby with herpes. Look no further, family guy went there. And then followed it up with fantastic visuals of what raw herpes sores look like. Who needs WebMD.

Some bit of revenge tactics later, Brian apologises and one vomit inducing gag later the show closes.

So how did this show do versus classic family guy episodes. Lots of forced humour, and the funny moments were simply throwbacks to old episodes.

The one gold moment though, which definitely joins the pantheon of greatest GIFs to be ever conceived, is this one.


Yeah Bryan Cranston, bitch!

That’s it from me folks, have a good one. Oh and welcome to tvsnobs.