What To Expect, When You’re on tvsnobs

most interestingThis is us. Every time a new episode is out. So therefore when you come to tvsnobs, expect the following:

Updates on the latest shows we’re following
Sarcasm, wit, humour and correct spellings (we all speak the Queen’s English you see)
Not a regurgitation but our own perspective on what we watch including back stories if any.
There MAY BE SPOILERS but needless to say we’ll ensure you know about it before you click through.

Overall a whole lot of TV shows being covered. Be it from the US, the UK or even shows from India (yes Qubool Hain and Koffee With Karan fans, we’ve got you covered!)

As always, keep watching & stay entertained!


p.s here’s a picture of a cat, because you’re awesome!




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